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Ultra Precision CNC Grinding Machines

Welcome to Acccura Technics, a machine process developer and manufacturer of ultra-precision CNC grinding machines for both tool room applications as well as automated and non-automated production of parts for the aerospace, aviation, automotive, military and medical industries.

Accura Technics is well experienced in the design and development of CNC-grinding machines capable of sub-micrometer levels of precision. The precision engineering principles required for these levels of performance are utilized throughout Accura's CNC-grinding machines for the metalworking, optics, and other high technology industries.

This experience allows Accura to provide standard and special CNC-grinding machines products that offer maximum value, versatility and throughput. Accura employs a system design philosophy that supports cost effective, space efficient designs while maintaining high performance standards.

In many cases, our product offerings can be complemented or substituted with any number of other machining processes such as single point machining, milling, in-process gaging, and automated parts handling.

Accura Technics is customer support, that is, we see support differently. There is a relationship between innovation and support. After purchasing Accura's products, our customers receive not only the best-in-class, "hands on" customer support one would expect, Accura Technics becomes a part of their manufacturing technology evolution.

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