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Grinding Application Reports

Report Number Application Machine Material
92-0001 O.D. & Face Grind 1210G 4150 Steel
92-0002 Rotary Surface Grind 1210G 4150 Steel
92-0003 Rotary Surface Grind / Acoustic Emission Repeatability 1210GRSG 52100 (hardened)
92-0004 Carbide Can Tooling 1210G Carbide
92-0006 C-V Joint Grind 1210G Steel (hardened)
92-0007 I.D. & Face Grind 1210G Steel (hardened)
92-0008 Grind Spherical or Aspherical Precision Optics MicroTol BK7 Optical Glass
92-0012 Simultaneous O.D. and Face Grind of PM Transmission Part 1210G Powdered Metal
92-0013 Grind Bore in Cobalt-Molybdenum Actuator Rods 1210G T1210G0
92-0017 Ultra Precision Groove Grind of Servo Valve Spool 1210G 440C CRES Stainless Steel
92-0018 Grind Cycloidal Speed Reducer Using X and C Axis Interpolation 1210G AISI 4140, Rc 50+
92-0019 Grind 0.008" (0.2mm) Thick Saw Blade 1210GRSG High Speed Steel
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